Terms of Use/Disclaimer:

*Under/Over Run Allowance:

*Denver Custom Printing suggests that on ALL orders to order a 3-5% overage of garments for any potential and occasional printing errors. We suggest for ALL orders to provide at least 1-2 extra items for the over under allowance -We DO NOT replace customer supplied items.  Direct to Garment printers, and heat transfer printers are digital printers and occasional errors occur as with any technology or printing process. If a printing error occurs on our part we will reprint the item at our cost.  Those errors include:  us printing the wrong image on the garment or printing on the wrong garment, color, or size of garment.  What we DO NOT replace is: Customer ordered wrong size of shirt or it did not fit to their satisfaction, Low quality print as a result of not following image requirements. (i.e. incorrect print size, resolution (DPI), color profile, or invisible pixels, selection by the consumer of the wrong image to be printed and wrong size of image, dissatisfaction of print just because you do not like it BUT it meets all agreed upon print agreements, or if the customer supplied their own garments.

*All orders within the under/over run allowance of the desired quantity will be considered acceptable for delivery. For this reason, we highly recommend you order extra garments for each size. Denver Custom Printing will not be responsible for profit loss on under runs. If over/under run allowances are not purchased, we are unable to reprint orders. 


Denver Custom Printing can purchase most garments and brands through one or more of our many direct wholesale accounts.  We do accept garments from certified wholesale accounts in the original box and proof of order receipt from wholesale account. WE DO NOT ACCEPT GARMENTS FROM CUSTOMERS THAT DO NOT RECEIVE THEIR GARMENTS FROM CERTIFIED WHOLESALE ACCOUNTS.

*Denver Custom Printing prints the image and size that was ordered and sent to us by the customer. We DO NOT resize images unless stated in writing to do so and at what size.   Our largest print size is 14"x 18".  If images are larger than our print size, we will contact the customer to obtain a printing size. This will delay your order.

*DTG printers print in CMYK and files designed in RGB have a slight difference in color when printed. Please save files in CMYK.  DTG printing DOES NOT color match.  Images not designed in CMYK and SAVED in CYMK will have color variations in which Denver Custom Printing will NOT be held liable.  As we always try to obtain the closest color, DTG cannot match pantone colors and Denver Custom Printing cannot be held liable for color variations. 

What you print on will have a direct impact on your final print outcome. This is true for all printing processes.  DTG prefers 100% cotton.  However, we can print on other materials such as tri blends and 50/50's. Denver Custom Printing will determine the best printing method for your specific garment per our discretion.  The higher quality shirt, the better the print. 


*We strongly encourage all of our customers to order a sample of any order above 1 item to make sure the final product is to your liking and to give you the opportunity to adjust any sizing or color issues. If you choose not to order samples and are unhappy with the final outcome, Denver Custom Printing will not be held responsible for final outcome with regards to print size, color discrepancies, garment choice and size, quality of artwork, and any changes you would of made to artwork to adjust to meet your realistic expectations. *If there are any further questions or concerns regarding this issue, please email or call us to discuss further.


Denver Custom Printing is not liable for the garments on customer supplied garments. If a garment is misprinted on our part, we will reprint it at our cost but only cover the printing cost. It is your responsibility to supply the over under allowance. Upon any issue that arises, we make every effort to notify the customer. At that time, the customer has the opportunity to attempt to resolve the issue. If the customer agrees to proceed knowing the issue, Denver Custom Printing is not liable for the printing. IT IS THE CUSTOMERS RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE SURE EVERYTHING WITH THEIR ORDER IS CORRECT.  THE CUSTOMER HAS THE ABILITY TO LOOK AT EVERY GARMENT BEFORE THEY LEAVE OUR STUDIO.  Refunds are only offered on orders that have not yet been printed and a 10% restocking fee will be subtracted from the total. A $30.00 shipping fee to return the garments is also subtracted.  Denver Custom Printing MUST be notified within 24 hours that you would like to cancel the order. If printing has started, a refund CANNOT be given. Most orders are in production within 24-48 hours of receipt of payment. *We charge sales tax for all orders unless you have a resale tax license.

* If a reprint is deemed necessary due to any issues with your order, you must notify Denver Custom Printing within 48 hours.  The garment must be UNWASHED, UNWORN, and NOT TREATED WITH ANY CHEMICALS OR USED.  Once we agree to reprint you have 72 hours from the date we agreed to reprint the items to return the UNWORN/UNWASHED/UNTREATED items for us to reprint. 

*Color Matching:

DTG printing does not color match. Neon colors, glitter, shiny golds and silvers are not achievable colors with DTG. The only way to match colors is with PMS and screen printing.  Even with Screen printing, colors are not 100% perfect.  Every image varies from screen to screen and printer to printer. DTG uses CMYK to obtain all colors and we will always do our best to match a color but they cannot be exact and we cannot be held responsible for colors that come out different than image. Expectations are key - know your printing process and ask questions. We are here to help. DTG is the future of printing garments. Although we are considered one of the best, we have our limitations like all printers and Denver Custom Printing cannot be held responsible for DTG printed garments with color variations. DTG is a digital print within a computer. Every print company,  brand of printer, brand of ink, curing process and prep process differs and you will have a different outcome with every printer.


All garments are sewn by hand in factories all around the world. DCP does not produce any garments in house. Therefore, DCP will not be held liable for manufacture defects such as small holes that are missed, stitching, sizing issues, and/or dye color inconsistencies. We try to catch as many as possible but it is impossible to catch all defects.


It is the client’s responsibility to review and approve layouts and invoices for correct print size, placement, spelling errors, shirt style(model number), manufacturer’s specified garment color, and quantities. DCP will not be held liable for any errors in approved layouts and invoices.  Denver Custom Printing will print every order in standard print placements; 1­-3 inches below bottom collar depending on design and garment style. It is the clients responsibility to state a specific print placement and size of image if it is desired. DCP will not be held liable for placement of printing if a print placement was not specified by client.