Email Us For Custom Quotes or Special Needs:

Denver Custom Printing provides you with all the assistance you need to create your custom t-shirts and garments.  We can accommodate any business or personal printing needs.  For special quotes and requests, please email us with your desired product, quantity, color, sizes, dimensions, and any artwork you have for your project and we will get back to you promptly with a customized quote. Please feel free to ask questions and express any concerns you may have pertaining to your project and we will help create an innovative and cost-effective way to have your project put into production. From beginners to large clothing brands, we will help guide you in the right direction to choose the bestgarment and printing option for your project!  Email us at - All orders MUST be in writing.  DENVER CUSTOM PRINTING WILL NOT MAKE CHANGES TO ORDERS OR ANY ORDERS OVER THE PHONE.  IF YOU CALL AND STATE A DETAIL IN YOUR ORDER YOU MUST FOLLOW UP IN WRITING - WE WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR CHANGES THAT ARE NOT IN WRITING.


Please have artwork ready! We do not change, adjust, resize your artwork.  It is important to have high quality artwork to get a high quality finished product.  We recommend all artwork to be professionally designed at 300-600DPI. PLEASE HAVE ARTWORK READY TO PRINT SAVED IN CMYK AND SIZED TO PRINT.   We are able to print artwork at different DPI (pixels per inch) but the quality may be poor due to low pixels.  Simple design work can be done in house at a rate of $50/hr.  A minimum of 1 hour is added if used. PLEASE NOTE: NOT ALL ARTWORK WILL PRINT AS SEEN ON COMPUTER SCREEN. OCCASSIONALLY, WE ARE NOT ABLE TO TELL HOW THE ART WILL PRINT UNTIL PRODUCTION HAS STARTED.  We accept .PDF, .PSD, .PNG*. Make sure all files have a transparent background.

*PNG files are accepted but they can’t be saved in CMYK so there can be some color shifting when we convert them to CMYK before printing.  We print all garments in the CMYK color profile. When setting up your file make sure it is in CMYK rather than RGB. The reason for this is that a CMYK printer is not able to print all the colors in the RGB color space and we cannot color match.


Once we have received your approval for your custom project, we kindly ask for the payment in FULL before production begins. Once the ordered goods have arrived, we will begin production.  Production times for projects vary.  Screen printing can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks, *DTG runs 1-5 business days.   Depending on the desired project, you will receive a time frame for your project.  Denver Custom Printing will be in touch with you every step of the way for a smooth and stress free project. From payment to delivery, DCP asks for one week to complete the project but can run longer due to inventory on garments from warehouses.   *Rush Fees will be added for same day printing. Rush fees are 50% of the total. 


Once your order is finished we will contact you and arrange for a pickup time or shipping if needed. We offer poly bagging, hang tags and fulfillment for t-shirts, hoodies, and other clothing.  Ask us about our fulfillment services and other individual needs you are interested in!


Our standard turnaround time is between 2-7 business days.  Keep in mind that your turnaround time won’t begin until we’ve worked with you to finalize an invoice and layout, and received full payment to put your order on our production schedule. You will not be placed on the schedule until all of the above are met. If you need shirts sooner than that please let us know so we can determine if our schedule allows for us to rush your order. If this is the case, we may determine if a rush fee will be assessed. If using our online designer, a date will be given to you based on the project.


From your first email to the pickup date we are in constant contact without customers regarding the order. If for any reason an issue arises, please contact us at   We will respond to emails and voicemails left after 5pm the next business day. You can also check your online order status through with our designer tool through your confirmation email.


All prices are displayed in US Dollars. Denver Custom Printing offers competitive printing rates but we always work with our customers on their budget and can provide a unique price quote for your print job.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.  Any applicable credits or refunds will be applied back to the account used for the original purchase. We do not accept checks, sorry for the inconvenience. Refunds are only offered on orders that have not yet been printed and a 10% restocking fee will be subtracted from the total. A $20.00 shipping fee to return the garments is also subtracted.  Denver Custom Printing MUST be notified within 2 business days that you would like to cancel the order. If printing has started, a refund CANNOT be given. Most orders are in production within 24-48 hours of receipt of payment. *We charge sales tax for all orders unless you have a resale tax license.


If you choose to ship your order instead of picking it up in person, Denver Custom Printing uses USPS Priority Mail unless a larger service is required.  You will be notified via email once your order has been shipped. Shipping times can vary based on delivery location. 


We currently ship to all of them!


We offer standard shipping rates for US and International destinations. We have accounts with USPS, FedEx and UPS.


REFUNDS ARE NOT OFFERED ON CUSTOM ORDERS. Refunds are only offered on orders that have not yet been printed AND MUST BE CANCELED WITHIN 24 HOURS OF ORDER PLACEMENT, and a 10% restocking fee will be subtracted from the total. A $20.00 shipping fee to return the garments is also subtracted.  Mock ups are final approval and you agree to all terms and conditions when paying the invoice. By paying the invoice you are entering into a business contract and are agreeing to all terms and our refund policy. Customers who bring in their own garments to be printed on, void the printing warranty. Denver Custom Printing is not held liable for the garments or the printing on customer supplied garments. Upon any issue that arises, we make every effort to notify the customer. At that time, the customer has the opportunity to attempt to resolve the issue. If the customer agrees to proceed knowing the issue, Denver Custom Printing is not liable for the printing. As hard as we try catch any issues with garments we order or given to us by and for our customers, small holes and or stains can be missed. We are unable to catch 100% of issues.  If we notice any issue, we will contact you if you brought in the garment.  If we purchased the garments through one of our wholesalers, we are willing to replace the blank garment for free. If a reprint is deemed necessary, you have 48 hours from the date we agreed to reprint the garments to return the UNWORN/UNWASHED items for us to reprint.  If you do not return the items to be reprinted within the 48 hours, DCP will not be held responsible to provide reprints. We will assume you are ok with the items.  Please see terms page for more information regarding reprints.


DTG printing does not color match.  Neon colors, glitter, gold and silvers are not achievable colors with DTG and teals and turquoises are also tricky. The only way to match colors perfectly is with PMS and screen printing.  DTG uses CMYK to obtain all colors and we will always do our best to match a color but they cannot be exact and we cannot be held responsible for colors that come out different than image appears.  Please save your artwork in CMYK as we cannot print all colors in RGB mode.